About Us

Best in class, web based business intelligence technology


NeuraMetrics was founded in Jan 2004 as a Florida Corporation based in Jacksonville Beach, FL. The company was initiated with the goal of creating a best in class, web based business intelligence technology to improve the efficiency, accuracy, consistency and capability of assessments and audits related to standards, regulatory requirements and company initiatives.



Through proprietary web based technology (NeuraTool™) the information gathered is coupled with detailed demographics, best practice definitions and ported to an analysis engine. The analysis provides a real time analysis capability with access to 10 configurable analysis tools ranging from summary charts to detailed and prioritized statistical comparisons.


The products are marketed through industry channels, consulting partners and direct distribution. The business model has evolved into an enabling methodology that works with Standards Organizations, Industry Organizations, Consultants, Analysts and companies desiring to assess an in-depth, broad footprint view of key corporate functionality.  We collaborate with content sources, serve as a co-developer/packager of the content, private label the resulting assessment, and host the assessment (which is marketed by the private-labeler).


The NeuraMetrics concept and methodology has been validated (independently) via a popular book (“The Wisdom of Crowds,” James Surowiecki) and a cover story in BusinessWeek (“The Power of Us”).  It is clear that the concept of web enabled broad collaborative activity and the harvesting of corporate human intellectual capital are emerging trends driven by web-based technologies.