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From BusinessWeek: “The Power of Us”
…Mass Collaboration Yields Superior Wisdom

“For the first time in human history, mass cooperation across time and space is suddenly economical.”
“The Internet’s supreme group-forming capability suggests the rise of an almost spooky group intelligence.”
“Corporate planners are even starting to use the wisdom of online crowds to predict the future.”

From The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki 
…The Many are Smarter Than the Few

Key Characteristics of an “Effective” Crowd:
Members are Independent
Members are Diverse
Members are Decentralized
There is an Effective Method for Aggregating the Members’ Opinions



We can help you find your “Current Reality”



Methodology & Benchmarking

NeuraMetrics™ helps you improve the fundamental processes that run your company by highlighting Strengths and Weaknesses and Benchmarking against others in your industry.

NeuraMetrics™ is the innovator in the use of “real time” web-based assessment tools. We use dynamic Best Practices as Benchmarks to provide companies with a continuous, fact-based, gap analysis of performance across multiple initiatives and functions.

It is the nature of our assessments to identify potential problems and their location and to establish relative conditions within complex organizations.

NeuraMetrics™ helps you to understand your own company in a unique and unequivocally beneficial way. Our flexible assessment methodology allows your employees to effectively communicate their detailed behaviors, perceptions, practices, and compliance with established procedures and Best Practices. We use statistically rich graphic displays to allow you to analyze key performance metrics at a glance in real time. The pervasive nature of our methodology allows introspection at all demographic and geographic levels of the organization.




Demographic Analysis

NeuraTool™ is a strategic tool that gives insight at the most fundamental levels. It helps guide those at the very top by knowing what is in the heads of employees, customers, vendors, and stakeholders everywhere. It identifies weaknesses and provides positive reinforcement in areas where you are strong or approaching Benchmark levels.

The NeuraTool™ technology supports a detailed “drill down” capability that compares plants, regions, product groups, functions or virtually any demographics pertinent to your operation.

Respondents in a NeuraTool™ Assessment are associated with appropriate demographics. Such demographics include their division, plant, job function, and any other demographic items that one might want to sort on in the analysis.

The goal of the assessment is to characterize the actual state of the entity being surveyed. To this end, Respondent Types are matched to questions based upon their likelihood of providing the most accurate information. Our top priority is to determine gaps between the entity and the industry rather than between demographic groups within the entity. However, it is the nature of our surveys that gaps between groups who “should know the answers” within the entity are easily identified leading to Performance improvement.

NeuraTool™ helps companies use their most important asset – the Intellectual Capital that belongs to your Employees, and/or Customers and/or Vendors.

We provide a means for knowing what is really going on in your company, no matter how large, and guiding you to crisp, insightful strategies and remedial action.






Do you know how to find your “Current Reality?”