"The many are smarter than the few"

NeuraMetrics makes the assessment of a company easier and more statistically significant.

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The Value of Our Product

NeuraMetrics provides clients with a cost effective way to efficiently gather critical business intelligence from individuals involved in key processes. Because the information is gathered via a unique web based assessment methodology, any variation introduced in face to face interviews is eliminated, providing highly accurate and reliable results. This methodology asks questions, anonymously, to a targeted population, allowing employees, customers and vendors to effectively communicate their detailed behaviors, perceptions and practices. We use statistically rich graphic displays that allow you to analyze key performance improvement metrics at a glance in real time.  The use of this technology allows a large and broad footprint to be assessed in rapid cycle time and overcomes the restrictions and sample sizes associated with costly interview based assessments.

Save Money While Getting Better Quality Information

It is generally accepted that the cost of an interview based assessment completed by a consultant is a minimum of $1,000 per person interviewed. And this only considers the consultant’s fee and the time it takes to aggregate the information into a report. Travel and living expenses, workplace disruption an

d other administrative overhead add additional expense. In this scenario, a 50-person interview could cost in excess of $50,000. Because sample sizes are restricted by cost, conclusions may have risk.

For the same number of interviews, the NeuraMetrics™ application is a fraction of that cost (as little as a few thousand dollars). Because of our tools’ efficiency, a larger assessment footprint is possible for a lower cost. The tool enables more reliable conclusions and provides rich statistical information and consistency of application.

The bottom line: you can now perform comprehensive assessments at about 1/6th the cost and obtain more reliable conclusions by eliminating interview variation and increasing footprint size.

A NeuraMetrics™ assessment can address thousands of stakeholders over multiple divisions in just a few days.