How We Do It

NeuraMetrics Analytics...The Key to Insight

NeuraMetrics Analytics is a high value, cost effective, web based platform that facilitates the design, collection, processing, analysis, display and archiving of critical business intelligence. The application facilitates rapid survey and demographic development through a user friendly input portal. Data is collected, stored, sorted and saved using “best in class” database management techniques. Partitions within the application store and compare responses to pre-loaded best practices, standards and requirements. Real time analysis is accomplished through pre-established statistical tools, incorporating color coded graphical displays. Many of the settings within NeuraMetrics Analytics are enabled for user configuration.  In addition to parsing the right questions to the right people, NeuraMetrics Analytics addresses all of the structural elements of your corporation. This means divisions, subsidiaries, remote plants, traveling employees, and whoever else makes sense, anywhere in the world…and, we can do this in a matter of hours.  Our proprietary algorithms roll up the Respondent’s comments into quantifiable scores that relate to traditional Best Practices consulting. These scores can be reviewed via a powerful display engine that allows insightful demographic cuts of any type and you get to see how every conceivable subset of Respondents answered carefully phrased statements that relate to Best Practices. This method uncovers both strengths and weaknesses.  For a Power Point Presentation that discusses how you can reduce the cost of your surveys, assessments and benchmarking studies,  please view….cost saving assessments

Assessment Attributes

Traditional Approach

  • “Face to Face” interviews & observations
  • Employee time away from job function
  • Small survey footprint
  • Pre-selected audience – 20 to 30 people
  • Bias of pre-selected sample
  • Bias of Consultants
  • Requires administrative overhead
  • Difficult to aggregate responses
  • Difficult to relate results to standards & requirements
  • Difficult to quantify (usually a subjective summary)
  • Results have little statistical significance
  • Consulting Fees
  • Hotel
  • Air Fare
  • Travel Expenses

NeuraMetrics Analytics

  • On-Site Consultants Minimized or Eliminated
  • Respondents time out of job function minimized and managed
  • Large footprint – many sites possible at little additional expense
  • Respondent base as large as necessary with no additional expense
  • Independent – anonymous surveys (with extensive demographic detail)
  • Diverse – top to bottom with little additional expense
  • Decentralized – entire organization or market represented with little additional expense
  • Responses automatically aggregated – eliminates manual compilation of results and reporting
  • Automatic Quantified results and analysis
  • Results have statistical significance
  • No air fare costs
  • No Travel Costs



Gather process, performance and behavioral data



Our Methodology

Our concepts and practices are proven through many established literary works, two of which are “The Wisdom of Crowds” by James Surowiecki and a cover story in BusinessWeek called “The Power of Us.” These works show us how the web-based harvesting of intellectual capital in order to improve business is an emerging trend.

Read More About Our Methodology Here

What NeuraMetrics Analytics™ helps with:

Define strategic and tactical process disconnects for further study and improvement with special focus on behaviors driving performance.

Measure gaps in processes, especially the interface between people and procedures in a quantitative and thorough way.

Analyze – Drill down through the data, leading to root causes often missed when problem solving is ad hoc.

Improve – NeuraMetrics Analytics™ provides problem solvers with guidance about best practices that can be emulated to drive improvements. It also helps direct problem solvers to detailed areas needing attention.

Control – NeuraMetrics Analytics™ measures on a continuous basis to assure problems are fully resolved and not reoccurring.

NeuraMetrics Analytics™ fills an existing void in problem solving, improving accuracy, efficiency and speed by acquiring data in a different context…what PEOPLE are actually doing and why.