A Smarter Way to Analyze Your Business

“Psychometrics is the psychological theory or technique of mental measurement.”[1]

Plant personnel use available data and process information, react to process and data exceptions, manage and utilize processes as prescribed and follow, or not follow, established methods for plant operations; so, what is missing in the current process that would offer the Plant Manager additional, sometimes critical, insight into the status of the plant?

Psychometric Plant Management™ gives a plant manager much more than is presently available.  It gives him/her the interpretation of that data and process information by experts and an on demand near real-time view of the entire plant.

Psychometric Plant Management™ adds a new dynamic with a tool that allows the user to continuously monitor, balance, and prioritize a number of process areas simultaneously, based on a real-time analysis of the existing information.  It allows unlimited continuous, active monitoring, assessment, and prioritization of all decisions around management of the plant.  This is a way to obtain real-time Plant Reality without disruption of the workflow.

Plant Managers need the ability to continuously analyze the plant and determine how each plant attribute relates to plant success.  Most Plant Managers leave the Dashboard (live) on a monitor in order to be able to view updates as they occur.  Having (near) real-time information they can perform an Opportunities Concepts Analysis to help prioritize investment into the attributes that have the greatest need for immediate and significant improvement.


[1] Merriam-Webster