COVID 19 Solution to Creating a Remote Workforce


Address your companies COVID-19 caused performance issues and challenges.

Discover your remote employee’s performance enhancers with real data.

Understand trends and issues in your remote workforce.

Implementing a Hybrid Workforce is a process.  This process should contain a Remote Worker Risk Assessment that examines the IT function, Home Dynamics, Management Roles and Style, the various environments impacted, the role of HR, and some personal issues.  NeuraMetrics offers an assessment tool that helps you identify and implement a remote workforce.

See our “Implementing a Hybrid Workforce” brochure a Remote Worker Solution to the COVID 19 dilemma for more information.  Click here: Hybrid Workforce Brochure

 COVID 19 Remote Workforce Dynamics

The consensus opinion of those that have tried to implement a remote workforce is to not do it arbitrarily.  Consideration must be given to existing processes, the IT function, management style, environment, non-remote workers, and concerns of the individuals that will work remotely.   For maximum efficiency in creating and implementing a Remote Workforce, read our four articles on the subject; “The Remote Workforce Hybrid Company”, “Dreams are for those Who Sleep”, and “COVID 19…In the Weeds”, and “Workers Must be Heard” also found on our Articles page.